Looking for a coach for yourself, your small group or your organization? Contact us at coach@30daysofawesome.com for a free strategy session.



Daily Text Messages from your coach (Necia or Jon) + Unlimited Workouts + 5 Group Coaching sessions in January.

Looking for more personalized support? With Awesome Coaching you’ll share your goals with us and we’ll send you 1-2 daily text messages every day offering personalized encouragement and accountability. You can also attend all 30 Days Of Awesome yoga and group fitness workouts for FREE in January (up to 14). And are invited to our free group coaching session at SIMIO Health & Wellness on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Sound Awesome? Sign up today and let’s pursue Awesome together!


One-on-One coaching

We could all use a coach. We love partnering with clients one-on-one and watching real transformation happen over the course of 6 months. In our initial strategy session we learn where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you hope to go. Then we create a game plan together, start small and build momentum that creates real, lasting change. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build fitness or gain confidence and a healthy mindset, we’d love to partner with you. Together we set weekly goals and offer daily accountability and encouragement.

If you’re ready for real life change, contact us today to set up a free strategy session.

small group coaching

Something you’ll hear us say frequently is that “environment is greater than willpower.” Because of that fact, we love coaching small groups. Journeying toward positive change with other people in your life is a great way to ensure lasting change. Whether you’re interested in group coaching for your family, friends, church group or organization, we’d love to connect and create a plan that propels you all toward awesomeness. We’ll work with you each to set and pursue personal goals and you’ll benefit from the added encouragement and accountability from your group.

corporate programming

The environment and culture of our workplace has a major impact on our mindset and well-being. We love partnering with organizations to thoughtfully redesign environments and culture to support positive change, healthy habits and happy, thriving employees. Employers that prioritize the health and well-being of their employees reap the benefits of a more positive and more productive work environment. We can help. Whether you’re interested in on-site yoga or fitness classes, corporate challenges and programs or individual and small group on-site coaching, we’d love to connect to learn more about your culture and how we can add the awesome.

private workouts & workshops

At the office? At school? At church? Family gathering? Party with friends? Tell us when and where. We’ll bring the awesome!

We currently offer the following workouts and workshops:

Workouts: Yoga, HIIT, Fusion, Cardio

Workshops: Smoothies, Salad-In-A-Jar

Interested in any of the above? Drop us a line and let’s connect for a free strategy session. What’s the best that could happen?