We are super excited to partner with Pop-Up Fitness, SIMIO Health & Wellness and Michigan Awesome this year.



Necia Ornée from Pop-Up Fitness will be offering 14 yoga and group fitness classes for our participants in January. 2 free classes on New Years Day and 12 $5 classes on Tuesdays evenings and Saturday mornings. Learn more at popupfitness.com.


We are super grateful to SIMIO Health & Wellness for hosting 13 of our yoga and group fitness classes this January! Their new facility at 730 Chicago Drive in Holland, MI is beautiful and the perfect fit for our fitness classes and group coaching sessions. Be sure to stop in this month to experience a class and learn more about the other fitness classes and patient-centered care they offer. Learn more at simiohealth.com.


We are super excited to partner with Michigan Awesome for some fun prizes this year! Michigan Awesome will be providing weekly prizes to participants, discounts throughout the month and 3x $100 Grand Prizes! How Awesome is that? Learn more at michiganawesome.com.