Necia Ornée is a certified health coach, teacher, life-longer learner, mother of 2 and pursuer of awesome. When she’s not coaching women one-on-one or in small groups she can be found speaking Spanish with kids at Innocademy, leading workshops, or teaching yoga and group fitness through her company Pop-Up Fitness.

Jon Ornée is a certified health coach, lifestyle designer, entrepreneur and creative jack of all trades. When he’s not coaching men one-on-one, he can be found training for triathlons, designing wine labels, writing music or chasing his kids around Riley Trails.

About us

Hi there fellow Awesome seekers! We’re Jon and Necia Ornée and we created 30 Days Of Awesome for you - and for us. We are personally in hot pursuit of an awesome life and believe the journey toward awesomeness is more fun and rewarding when shared with others.

We created 30 Days of Awesome because we believe that everyone wants an awesome life. We believe that you are inherently awesome and should treat yourself accordingly. Being good to ourselves and making self-care a priority doesn’t need to be over-complicated, intimidating or all-consuming. We believe that small steps add up to big change and that prioritizing self-care through simple daily habits sets us up to have better relationships and more fulfilling lives. This should be an exciting journey!


We don’t have a dramatic, over-night, life-changing transformation to share. Our journey so far has been one of gradual change and self-improvement. When we got married 15 years ago we didn’t exercise much, we didn’t have a clue how to cook, and our diet consisted mostly of pizza, pasta and Coca-cola. Eventually we decided that our current habits weren’t serving us and we slowly began to experiment - gradually replacing bad habits with slightly better ones. 1% better. As they say, “habits are the compound interest of self-improvement." We’ve been journeying together now for over 15 years - over 5,500 days of finding out what works and what doesn’t work as we strive to live awesome lives. We’ve learned a lot and are eager to share. We also still have a lot to learn and love learning from the stories and experiences of others.

30 Days Of Awesome represents our belief in how real, lasting change happens: It starts small, it builds momentum, and if it’s going to be long-lasting, it has to be enjoyable. Our 30 days together is not an “all-or-nothing” butt-busting challenge. It’s intended to be a catalyst. 30 days of momentum that can snowball into a lifetime of awesome.

30 Days of Awesome is our gift to you. Enjoy it! Take good care of yourself and never stop pursuing awesome.

Cheering for you!
Jon and Necia Ornée