Hmmmm. Different people thrive on and swear by different diets. Should you try Paleo? Keto? South Beach? Atkins? Vegan? Pescatarian? The options and strong opinions can make your head spin. We like to keep it simple. Every diet that we’ve explored that is worth considering has 2 things in common. #1 - They focus on more Real Whole Food and less processed food. And #2 - They focus on mindful eating. That’s why we encourage most of our clients to focus on eating 3 Awesome meals and not to snack in between, since snacking can tend to be mindless or emotional. We encourage you to do your own experimenting with what foods make you feel the best, but keep it simple. Our personal experiments lead us to agree with Michael Pollan's synopsis: “Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.


Something you enjoy. Doing the “ideal workout” isn’t going to be of much benefit if you hate it and stop after a dreadful 5, 10 or 30 days. We encourage you to experiment, try new things and find what works best for you. If you don’t have an exercise habit established yet, start small. Carve out 7 minutes a day, everyday, to do something. Go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride, play basketball, do the 7-minute workout. If nothing sounds great, we encourage you to think about what you enjoyed doing as a kid and try that. Once you have a routine established you can slowly “level up” and trying adding more time and complexity if you’d like.